Nothing made by a human hand can ever be as beautiful as something that grows naturally. As Jim Harrison once said, "Many people think a Ferrari is beautiful, but it isn't if you compare it to a horse."

My jewelry doesn't mimic forms found in nature, it actually incorporates those forms.

I forage in the fall for flowers, seeds, twigs and vines. Because in the universe, nothing ever dies, it just changes form.

Through the alchemy of lost wax casting, a twig becomes a ring. A thousand years of growth of an ancient redwood root is captured in ancient bronze. Even the nature of metalsmithing remains evident which is why hammer marks are never hidden and natural flaws are sometimes left exposed.

Although classically trained in graphic design and illustration, I began building things by designing iron and blown glass chandeliers.

Inspired by working with various blacksmiths on the chandeliers, as well as designing and producing several repoussé pieces, it was a natural progression into metalsmithing--including casting botanicals in the lost wax method.

As technology takes over our lives, I think it's important that people stay in touch with the natural world. Having one of these pieces with you allows you to have a little bit of that natural world with you, wherever you go.

Everything I make is unique and one-of-a-kind. But if you see something you like that has already been sold, please ask, as I may be able to create something similar.